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Multi-Cats Household Tips

Adding a dog to the cat house

Move over Rover Kitty Has Arrived!
Understanding your cat! I did note when you have Multi-cat to your household that cats take longer than dogs to get along with other cats that you introduce new to your household. Space is an absolute necessity for multiple cat homes. Make sure you provide your cats with multi kitty litter pans so the cats can feel safe while eliminating. Add one extra pan per cat.    

Provide a many cat toys to keep them all busy. And, of course, provide plenty of scratching posts to keey them all happy. Cats love eating dinner together. Place their foods and water and treats where they all can enjoy it in a common area. If you are adopting a cat at the shelter consider adopting one of his buddies to ensure softening the transition when bringing a new cat home.   

Kittens & cats love to purr and it is all to show the love of you and your household family members.   

Cats & Dogs in your household : Some dog breeds love the company of kittens or cats while some dog breeds may not accept a cat in your home. Take your time to ensure a smooth transition when adding a new pet to your household, especially in the case of introducing your dog to your new cat. Ask for advice from the adoption shelter. They may introduce your new adopted pet with each other right at the shelter before bringing it home. Test it out first before taking the final step to add an extra dog or cat to your household. Remember it can take a few weeks for all of them to get to know each other. Multi Dog Tips   

It is always important when adopting another kitten or cat into your Muti-Pet household to understand each and every cat breed behavior to make sure they all get along! There are about 50 different cat breeds. Researching your cat breed may help you better understand their behavior patterns. List of United States cat breeds you never knew about click here The most popular being the American Shorthair, American Wirehair, Chantilly-Tiffany, Exotic Shorthair, Maine Coon, Nebelung, Persian & the Snowshoe.