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If you are going to bring a new pet into your home - please remember to reach out for the pets that are located at the animal shelters. By doing so you are giving a special pet a safe & happy home. If you are short on your budget and need free or low cost help to have your cat or dog fixed visit our PET NEWS page. There you can locate your state by zip code to find programs that can help you with the costs.

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Nationwide-Worldwide Network - Focusing on respect and humane treatment of all animals.

About Pet Journey Video

Pet Journey Video. It is for all to reach in and help. For a particular purpose by founder Jane - adoptee of chickens, dogs and more. See Orp the rooster saves his chicks by keeping them warm in the winter after the mother hen goes missing!

Orp the rooster

First of it's Kind. Pet Journey Video:  We always try to provide topics to help you. One place topics for pet care.  Real Pets - Real Pet Journey Videos - Tell your pet life journey - Share love paws on walls memorial story video of your beloved pet!  When a beloved dog or cat has died it's so hard to say goodbye to a beloved pet, and that goodbye, no matter how old the furry friend is, always feels far too soon.  Contact us for more information!  

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I Really Care For The Welfare Of All Animals! And so do you!

     Pet Journey Message from the founder Jane McNellis: I started adopting animals from shelters years ago.  And I adopted horses & ponies that were too old to service pony farms.  Moreover,  when developers came in years ago when the farms in New Jersey were disappearing - I searched barns for the owls.  Catch and release them back to their woodlands.  Hoot & White Owls.  (I have been raising homing pigeons and chickens since I was 6 yrs.old.) And tending to dogs & cats.  

***NOTE: Pet Journey Video provides a list of horse shelters, & animal rescue shelter of all types of pets as a courtesy to all users of this site. We have no involvement with any of these groups. Before donating or adopting to these or any organization or cause, we highly recommend that you investigate on your own the integrity and financial operations of organizations of any organization on this site. The listing of these links is not an endorsement.

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Join & connect with us at our Facebook Group and help promote helping birds, dogs, cats & horses across the nation * Worldwide! Post updates get involved!

*Do you own an outside cat? If so please read pet new about helping to save billions of birds by applying a bight color bib/bell on your cat collar. Do you have a cat or dog hoarder in your neighbor hood? If so contact your local animal shelter or police department to report it. It is an unhealthy lifestyle for both the animals and the hoarder. Animal hoarding is a complex mental health, animal welfare and public safety issue.



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