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life of adopted chicken and rooster

Successful Delaware Chicken Adoption
Education Video All About Delaware Chickens - Is T-Rex Really A Lizard - Find The Answer Watch The Show!
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Real Pet Journey Stories

Horses need a barn adopt a pony

6abc.com PA. Horse & Goose Buddy Need Adoption Together
These two are inseparable. Goose protects his best pal. Loving farmyard home adoption needed to adopt in both. Most horses love a small companion it helps keep them calm. High stung racehorses do well with a goat pal. Watch The Show!

9/13/19 Update: Horse & Goose Buddy Good News - Good Morning America announcement:

Horse & Goose Buddy found a barn! Anonymous adopter accepted both of them together. --

11/18/19: Pet Journey Video PRESENTS BAILEY THE ADOPTED TERRIER DOG Watch The Show!

09/2019:East Coast Hope For Horses: 18 months later, more than a dozen of the horses rescued from horrific conditions at a farm in Hebron are now running full stride at a rescue farm in Laurel, DE. Will Train as adopting Read More
09/07/19 East Coast Search forever homes - Hurricane - Partner shelters are filling up. Nearly 350 cats and dogs from shelters near the Carolina coast arrived in Delaware.

See two service dogs journey:

Two Service Dogs Journey

9/2019 6ABC.com Take a homeless dog on a playdate with #RoverAllOver - Give a dog a break while they wait for an dog adoptee family. Help with a walk, socialize, & more. RoverAllOver Watch Journey

A 72-year-old man is in mourning his therapy dog.

Bob Brooks reports on Action News at 5 on Sept. 19, 2019. Who hurt Toby the poodle therapy dog? Watch The Show!

Beep Beep The Baby Chick Journey 2016

Beep Beep the girl hen is teaching children all about farm life & where their food comes from!

Peep Peep the boy heard the egg say! Beep Beep life was saved by a boy who helped her hatch out of egg because mother hen (Pop-Corn) left Beep Beep's egg an abandoned nest. The boy taught Beep Beep to eat & drink on his homework desk just like a mother hen would do. Beep Beep followed us all around and came a-running when her name was called out loud. And Beep Beep became our favorite family pet. She took rides to the ball game fields in her carry around bag and delighted all the children there. Out her carry bag she came and followed Jane all around the ball game field and even to the food stand. And across the parking lot. Auto's stopping to let them cross over safely. Then an official referee walking by - just could not believe what he just saw! He tells Jane this: "Never in my life have I ever seen such an event". "You and your hen have just made my day!" And off he went chuckling. Twitter

Successful Delaware Chicken Adoption
Education Video All About Delaware Chickens - Is T-Rex Really A Lizard - Find The Answer Watch The Show!
Watch The Show!

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