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If you like to donate a few dollars to help Founder Jane with the hosting costs, or social media advertising fees please check off which cost you wish to help Jane with. Jane not only pays out of her own pocket for this human treatment of all animals projects including this website Pet Journey Video - she designs this site by hand and pays for the upkeep. Plus she spends countless hours at the social media sites promoting this concept. See her Facebook Group to join us and see her Facebook Page that she pays for adverts. Thus, reaching and providing more visitors across the globe with vital importance of pet related topics. Thank you, your single dollar can do so much for animals.Project Founder Jane Sadowy


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Message from the founder of Pet Journey I love animals & I know you do too! A small favor... If you find Pet Journey Video important please share

Nationwide-Worldwide Network - Focusing on respect and humane treatment of all animals


Keeping Pets Happy & Healthy Keeps People Happy and Healthy Too!

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Find a Free or Low-Cost Spay or Neuter National organizations that provide financial assistance to pet owners in need


*SAVE A BIRD* News: Why a cat bright color bell collar is so important for your outside cat: How to save song birds from outside cats. Watch Show: Save birds from outside cats

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As Delmarva business owners we all have homes to go to at the end of the day. And most of us are welcomed at the front door by our pets! Wagging tails & purring moments make coming home a delightful event. Pet Journey Video supports veterans & dedicated contractors serving Delaware & Delmarva. *Delaware is being recognized as the first no-kill state for animal shelters. And more states are already getting involved! This video advert supports this unique group of Delaware contractors who are dedicated businesses, animal lovers & who support our cause at PET JOURNEY

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Message from the founder of Pet Journey I love animals & I know you do too! A small favor... If you find Pet Journey Video important to h...

Join The Nationwide-Worldwide Network - Focusing on respect and humane treatment of all animals.

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Keeping Pets Happy and Healthy Keeps People Happy and Healthy Too!

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Who we are? Pet Journey Video - We believe in helping all animals to become all they can be ~ by lending a hand to help them.

Disease Control, Prevention, Pet News and Love of Animals

1. Encourage people to go there first - The Animal Shelters. Because stopping first at the animal shelter is the very best way to give a nice home to a dog or cat. Perhaps even a pony. The best way for this to happen is by promoting it.

2. Promoting get adult cats and dogs fixed at affordable prices. Show pet lover families where to reach out and ask for free or low cost help if on a limited income level. Moreover, promoting adopting older pets because puppies and kittens are more likely to be adopted first. Furthermore, promoting that dogs and cats are good company for seniors and promoting responsible pet ownership.

3. Promoting stop and report animal abuse. Study shows that people who abuse animals abuse society.

4. Promoting getting how to receive affordable healthcare for pets for those that are on a limited income.

5. Promoting getting improved treatment/adoption help to hero dogs that are retiring.

6. Having more information at one site (Pet Journey Video) for pet care, hotline for free pet food, hotline for lost pets, hotline for recalls on pet toys, pet items & pet foods.

7. Allowing pet lovers to share their pet stories on this site. Deceased or alive. By text or video and sharing their stories to media links.

8. Pet News: Promoting health risk to human if their pets do not get their correct vaccine shots. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (As the nation's health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health, safety, and security threats.)

9. A secure contact form that comes directly to founder Jane so that she can assist pet owners with any questions or concerns about their pets. Most importantly asking our visitors to share this site to promote better health for their pets, promote the importance of having dogs and cats fixed because it will help keep less out of the pound, and help find more homes for animals in shelters across the nation.

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***NOTE: Pet Journey Video provides a list of horse shelters, & animal rescue shelter of all types of pets as a courtesy to all users of this site. We have no involvement with any of these groups. Before donating or adopting to these or any organization or cause, we highly recommend that you investigate on your own the integrity and financial operations of organizations of any organization on this site. The listing of these links is not an endorsement.

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